What does that mean: On DUOME under "Languages" some ​​are links (blue) others not (black).

One Question: On duolingo/duome, 2nd site under "Languages" some languages ​​are visible as links (blue) - other languages are no links and stay in black.

What does that mean?

Thanks for feedback.

August 19, 2019


Those links are convenient for people who are trying to help in Duolingo's troubleshooting forums.

  • These links will show the latest available progress data in courses that are not visible in

  • Probably, Duome's developer does not have time to design links to all Duolingo's courses.

August 20, 2019

Thank you so much, dear Dutch !

August 20, 2019

Black (no link) means that Duome doesn't have your progress data for that language. You can do the following to update your progress data on Duome:

  • Switch to that language on Duolingo.
  • Open (to update the progress data on Duome).
  • Open

There should now be a link to that language instead of the black text.

You can read more about cached trees on the Duome blog (06.05.2019 · Cached Trees).

August 20, 2019

Fantastic ! It works - Thank you too !

August 20, 2019


Thanks for reminding me that blog post.
Now, the link is also visible for my course "German from French".

August 20, 2019
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