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"The inside of the lamp is really hot."

Translation:tujqu' wovmoHwI' qoD.

August 20, 2019



Does this mean that the inside area that the lamp possesses is really hot?


Sort of. The Klingon noun-noun construction (in this case, wovmoHwI' qoD lamp's interior) can be possessive, or it can be more generally genitive. Genitive is a relationship in which one noun modifies or narrows the sense of another noun. What kind of interior is it? The interior associated with the lamp. You could argue that the lamp "possesses" an interior, but this breaks down when you have phrases like Dargh HIvje' — it's not a cup possessed by tea.

Possession is just a special type of genitive relationship.

The lamp interior is very hot.
The lamp's interior is very hot.


The tea... cup. What kind of cup is it? A cup for tea. Der Wagen... des Karls. What kind of car is it? The car of Karl. Eh? What kind of inside area is it? The inside area of the lamp (but not necessarily the lamp's). qar'a'.


A genitive relationship is one in which a noun modifies another noun (something like an adjective). But not necessarily a possessive relationship. "Fast dancer" is not a genitive relationship. "A cup that is a cup for tea" is. And Karl puH Duj is. So now I understand a little more about Klingonese. Thanks.

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