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What happened to skill sets like Direct Object pronouns, To Be, Ser/Estar, etc. that were visible?

I created new classrooms and wanted to assign basic skills like the verb To Be and Direct Objects and I cannot see them anymore. I checked the Spanish curriculum, all levels, and it doesn't include these sets any longer. Does anyone know what happened or how can I have access to the them so I can assign them as specific skills rather than topics? Any help or comment will be very much appreciated!

August 20, 2019




Scroll down to this comment of admin Bozena

..... but with our new focus on communicative functions, skill names don't indicate where specific grammar topics are. In the future, we are hoping to include more information about the exact curriculum so that you know what's covered in what skill. But we haven't solved the problem of how exactly to display that type of information yet.


I hear you, Sra Flores. You're just going to have to work through the tree yourself and make notes when those skills appear. Then you can assign the topics as supports for those skills. But I am afraid we teachers will have to do the legwork. Try going through the tree and clicking on the "lightbulbs." (If I get to it in a timely fashion, I'll try to post a table here for Spanish...Maybe one of you reading this will beat me to it. I'm also working on a French and Japanese one, which I will also post.)

To be fair, a lot of the topics are more fun than the original skill sets were. It's a trade-off.

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