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The Arabic course is terrible if you can read the script already

I started this course because I wanted to improve my f97a I learned a mix of the Syrian and Lebanese dialects and can speak well enough to communicate with my my Syrian fiancée's family even thought they don't speak English. I mostly struggle with f97a because of the difference in vocab so I decided the duo course would be great I took the placement test and was placed about halfway up the tree skipping the alphabet units. I thought that would be good because I can already read Arabic and I didn't want to have to sit through endless drills on reading but then when I started the exercises it presents me with... transliteration exercises. 70% of the exercises are these transliteration ones, it sucks there should be an option to switch them off because for those of us who can read it is boring as hell

August 20, 2019



It's still Beta

Many shared the same, that's what we have for now. Hopefully the full released course would satisfy you :)


Have you seen a contributor around here? Shouldn't they be present and interact with users since it's still beta?


It's exactly what I think too. Where are the contributors? I follow another course here, Czech, a course with much fewer learners. But it is a big difference: The contributors are very active in the forum, try to help and ask the useres, how the course could get improved. You can feel the passion they have for their language.


I don't check the Arabic Topic that often, so idk if I just missed... I noticed there are a few natives who help out/teach.


Believe me, it's still terrible even if you can't read the script at all...
Of course the fanboys/fangirls in here are gonna downvote your post like there's no tomorrow, as if you didn't tell the truth...


...Nah, I'm pretty sure the few downvotes are from people who are getting sick from these posts.

I personally don't mind the course being "alphabet", I actually prefer it because I focus on Spanish rn & only wanted to learn the alphabet of Arabic for now. By the time I'm done with Spanish I'll hopefully have a better Arabic course. :P if not, I'll be doing another language (I've got a long list so I really do not mind...)

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