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Arabic does not look scary anymore :)

I have to tell you something about my experience with arabic that is near 0%...

I always got lost and a bit afraid since I had contact with the arabic alphabet for the first time. It always looked for me like something very very strange. My native language is portuguese and when I was a child (I think about 8 y/o), I accidentally changed the language of my uncle's phone from portuguese to arabic!!!! I got very scared 'cause I couldn't change back to portuguese, that was terrifying to me!!! (Maybe this situation made me traumatized about arabic alphabet LOL). But yesterday I tried arabic duolingo course and finally I could read some very basic things... It does not looks scary anymore! That's it haha :)

August 20, 2019



Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.

- Marie Curie

Congratulations on defeating your fear.


Not the greatest quote as what she wasn't afraid of killed her!!


Yeah but... Everybody dies, she on the other hand died with style, she had a purpose and fulfilled it. And attached her name to a legacy.

تعددت الاسباب والموت واحد

Many reasons, one death.


In French : Dans la vie, rien n’est à craindre, tout est à comprendre.

Some other citations from Marie Curie : follow this link (in French) :



wow you have a streak of 900!


En francais, s'il vous plait?


Dans la vie, rien n’est à craindre, tout est à comprendre.

Pour d'autres citations de Marie Curie, suivez le lien indiqué dans mon commentaire ci-dessous.


If only I knew enough French to say it without external aid, but alas...


It's wonderful to no longer be afraid.


Even though Arabic is still in Beta, you can learn read. Concerning the rest, Arabic is another language more. Strange things like alphabet can be overcome by practice. More and more practice. About the grammar rules, it is another story.

Arabic is beautiful!


I think arabic alphabet is one of the most beautiful ones. :)


Congratulations , good job


Unfortunately, DuoLingo's approach to teaching the "abjad" (alphabet) isn't great. You spend a lot of time learning the sounds when you could be learning both the letters AND actual words at the same time. Why not start with words like "باب"? It's a very basic word with the simplest letters AND actually means something ("door").

Anyway.. مبروك


I disagree. The Hebrew course tried to do that to me and I BTFO'd from it. I actually like taking my time with writing systems.


hahahah quem nunca fez isso, eu já mudei o do meu pai para russo uhauhahua o velho quase morreu

[deactivated user]

    very nice story, I'm invitet to visit a hesitage in libia next year, so it'll be comfortunably to speak that language :-)


    Hope you learn the fastest! ;)


    It is a cool language


    It certainly seems scary at first, but I have friends whose only exposure is to the English language but they ended up getting a hang of the basics pretty quick!


    Às vezes parece que o árabe é um idioma impossível de aprender,mas eu lembro que com anos de prática consegui ficar boa no inglês, e isto me dá esperanças.Tudo depende da prática e da persistência.

    Alguém que esteja aprendendo árabe pode me dar uma dica de como estudar de uma forma eficiente?


    Espero que consiga me dar bem com esse curso de árabe :)

    [deactivated user]

      Good job! Wonderful! I encourage you to become fluent in Arabic! Lingots for ya :)

      And also, there is a question not about this topic that I want to ask: how come you learn so many languages and they're all at level 2 ? (me too haha)


      Thanks a lot! I apreciate the lingots haha :)))


      The "level 2" languages are those courses that I've tried but did not like too much! Those higher than 4 are my favourites that I maybe consider be back on track some day :)


      أتمنى أنو بتعمل منيح بعربي جود لاك يو كان ده إت I hope you do well in Arabic Good luck you can do it


      Thank you so much! Are you already an arabic speaker? :)


      Haha, well done. Maybe some day you'll change the language on your phone to Arabic intentionally!


      Same here. I once changed my screen to Arabic and had to have a friend reset it for me! I am enjoying the alphabet but I will stop when I have learnt to read. I wish there was some help to write it as well. I have tried but I'm not convinced that I'm doing it right!


      Ouch! It would be very bad to format my computer if I did that O.o


      I'm very happy to see people want to learn my native language so please let me give an advice .. all of this language -like any language- is about two things: vocabulary and grammar. Me personally started reading Arabic books when I was 3 years old, I collected a huge toll of similar and related vocabulary and also learned grammar so well that I could write sentences correctly without understanding 100% of the grammar. Which requires 7 to 10 years at the university to be good in it! so, start reading you will be great ♥️


      Thank you for the tips :)


      By the way....WHERE DOES MY ARABIC FLAG GO??? I think it should be here near my username, I'm level 4 already ! hahaha


      I am learning Arabic, too and it does not seem intangible to me any more. I am trying to recongize letters on various grocery items I buy. It's fun actually. It kind of reminds me of the shorthand alpahbet I learned as a child with my granddad. Continue learning! Boa sorte com seus estudos, Bruno!


      I also try to read some things I see in arabic from now on!!! Muito obrigado!


      where are you from?


      Congrats Mr. Bruno!

      I appreciate a lot efforts endeavored by people with Latin-script language when trying learning Arabic. It is ultimately hard especially for self-taught individuals, not to mention the decreased ability to learn new languages as we get older.

      You have accomplished something to be proud of. And in an attempt to encourage you more, I will write down the first paragraph in Arabic that one day you'll come back to check it out with your ability to fully read and understand.

      أُقدِّرُ جداً المجهودَ المبذولَ فيْ تعلُّمِ اللُّغةِ العربيِّةِ منْ قِبلِ أبناءِ اللُّغاتِ ذويِّ الكتابةِ اللَّاتينيةِ. إنَّها شديدةُ الصُّعوبةِ خصوصاً علىْ العصاميِّينَ، هذاْ عداْ عنْ ذِكرِ تراجعِ قدرتناْ علىْ تعلُّم لغاتٍ جديدةٍ كلَّما تقدَّمناْ بالسِّنِّ.

      Regards تحيَّاتي ❤


      I have to say that this is not the gentlest way to learn Arabic. I told my husband I would teach him myself. I especially find it challenging on the phone as it is extremely small. After a few days checking it out, I've decided to focus my energies in other areas.


      أحسنت يا صديقي العزيز...استمر بالتعلم ...بالتوفيق


      Thank you so much, bro!! :)


      To me the Arabic script has been one of the easiest things to learn in this language, although many of the letters look very similar and I often end up reading it incorrectly when I try to read faster :D


      The same for me!!! But looks beautiful also :)


      Hi Bruno - I’m hoping you can help out the Arabic community here. I’ve looked extensively through the forum and there doesn’t seem to be anyone from the Arabic Incubator team present here. In the App help centre, it says to report problems to the incubators via the forum - but they’re not here! I was thinking as a moderator you might be able to find out what’s going on with the team who look after the Arabic course. You’ll notice there are a lot of frustrated learners, and no one seems to be listening.


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