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A more positive message

A few days ago I wrote a post saying that the Arabic course needs improvement, which is true and I still stand by that. I also wanted to write this separate post saying how glad I am that there is an Arabic course on here, especially since Duolingo is for free, which is simply amazing. Yes, it needs improvement, but the course just recently came out and I can't wait to see where it goes. And to anyone who helped put this course into motion- ًشكرا. ​:)

August 20, 2019



Use Madinah Arabic to learn the grammar. Free MSA course :D


Second time you mention this on one of my posts, thank you for sharing! When I checked it out, I realized I was already familiar with it! It helped me in the past with some grammar I was struggling with. Very useful website. Again, thank you! :)


That is a cool website!

شكرا يا صاحبي!


Duolingo is really amazing to give us the opportunity to learn this beautiful language. I hope to start the Arabic course soon!


as some one who has absolutely zero experience learning Arabic i actually appreciate how slow the course goes.


i definitely agree ! it's so nice to finally have SOMETHING to learn arabic with (thats for free; SO many cost money :[ ) and while the pronunciation is a bummer ive learned a bunch of good grammar that i'm very grateful to have been taught :]


I like Duolingo so much that I paid a year ago and again just 4 days ago

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