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"Are you a Moroccan translator, Samia?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتِ مُتَرْجِمة مَغْرِبِيّة يا سامْية؟

August 20, 2019



The hint seems to claim "you" is not necessary, yet the answer (and general common sense) claims it is. I've found at least a couple faulty hints like this so far.


I find, stretching too much in the word mutajimah, it is an error right?

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Yes, there is a kind of weird stress on "R".

and it should be Samiyah, not "Samiyatan" (proper names ending with Ta Marbútah ة cannot have Tanwin or Nunation, i.e. -(v)n to their ends)

(v) = vowel


يجب إضافة أداة استفهام الهمزة"أ" إلى الاختيارات المتاحة، لكي تكون الجملة "أَأَنتِ مُتَرجِمَةٌ مَغرِبِيَّةٌ يَا سَامِية؟" مقبولة.


It said i have a typo even though I didn't write it I just used the blocks its really confusing. . . . . . Well for some people or just me. . . . . . Then.~

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I wouldn't be surprised if it was a glitch. Duolingo, and specially this course, has a number of them.

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