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Astronomy II - Words List!

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Hello again everyone!
I've been busy with many things (and many troubles) so I didn't have the time to type the second part of this series. So here we go! I hope this list of words can teach you something.
I have a little practice for you here, if you like and if you think it's fun. I'm leaving most of the Arabic words here without Harakat or diacritics (those vowel markers); If you can (and like) try to put the vowels yourself depending on my pronunciation guide. Can you? Don't be afraid of mistakes; I'm sure Duolingo already extracted the devils out of you all with its wrong answers :)

Scorpio -العَقْرَب (al-3aqrab)

  • Jabbah: الجبهة (al-jabhah: the forehead).
  • Jabhat al Acrab: جبهة العقرب (jabhatul-3aqrab: forehead of the scorpion).
  • Dschubba: جبهة (jabhah: forehead) this one is not quite clear
  • Al Niyat: النياط (an-niyáŧ: the heart) Translating this to "heart" is a simplification. The actual meaning of the word is the inner parts of the heart
  • Lesath: اللسعة (al-las3ah: the sting).
  • Shaula: الشولاء (aš-šawlá': the raised one) The name here is feminine and I put it with some doubts about it because the same word does mean also "the left-handed (female)"

Sagittarius - القَوْس (al-qaws)

This constellation name in Arabic simply means "the bow." However, in old Arabic books it was also named الرّامي (ar-rámí), meaning "the archer" or "the thrower" (both words have the same translation in Arabic).

  • Kaus: قوس (qaws: bow) three stars bear this name in the constellation
  • Nasl: النصل (an-nacl: the sharp edge) This star can also be found as Nash which is abbreviated form of Nushaba النشابة (an-nušábah) meaning "the arrow." The word (nacl: نصل) is used for the sharp edge of the sword as well.
  • Rukbat: ركبة الرامي (rukbat-ur-rámí: knee of the archer).
  • Arkab: عرقوب (3arqúb: tendon) Two stars bear this name.
  • Albaldah: البلدة (al-baldah: the town).

Capricornus - الجَدْي (al-jady)

A word about the Y at the end of al-jady: In proper Arabic, both "D" and "Y" make a cluster of consonants, meaning the "D" is followed by a slight "Y" sound. However, people now are more accustomed to say this Y as a long vowel (i) or (ee) as in "see" and hence the word pronounced as (al-jadí) nowadays. So, I'm leaving this at "Y" and I let the pronunciation guide your own tongue!

  • Al S h a t: الشاة (aš-šáh(t): the ewe) Here, it is optional to say it with H or T at the end.
  • Algedi: الجدي (al-jady: the young goat).
  • Dabih: الذابح (að-ðábiħ: the butcher).
  • Nashira: سعد ناشرة (sa3d náširah: bearer of good omen) I have to admit the name is kind of weird to me as well, in Arabic.
  • Deneb Algedi: ذنب الجدي (ðanab-aljady: tail of the goat).

This is it for now and hopefully I'll be able to type the third part soon. I've left the bulk of the Arabic words here without Harakat or diacritics on purpose to let non-Arab readers get used to follow the characters and not be afraid of the vowels or marks. Just go ahead and read!

August 20, 2019



I lost my internet connection when I posted my first comment, so this may be similar to the one I have said before. (If it shows up)

Since you focus on the zodiacs, won't it be astrology, not astronomy? Or after the twelve zodiacs you're going to post about planets and other astronomical objects soon?

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Yeah hopefully I'll post about other space-related words if I get the time to.

Besides, the zodiac signs are constellations of stars and away from astrology they are in fact used by name in astronomy (if you are into astrophotography you will be using these names a lot as well)

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