"Do they eat rice in that country?"

Translation:Mangiano riso in quel paese?

April 19, 2013



I didn't have any hearts left so I didn't want to risk it, but could I have translated this as:

Si mangia riso in quel paese?

April 19, 2013


That's what I wrote, and it was accepted...

October 18, 2013


paese is a town a city and a country?!

May 25, 2013


My guess would be that this comes from before the unification when Italy was just a bunch of City States. Venice, Rome etc...

November 14, 2013


If you mean "town" as in "village", yes, "city" would be "città" and country = paese.

May 25, 2013


I was penalized for translating "quella nazione" instead than "quel paese". I know for a fact that, when speaking about a country (Italy, France, Germany, etc.) it is also correct to use the feminine noun "nazione" (nation)

February 15, 2014


apparently you can't use "nel quello" in place of "in quel" here... :(

May 8, 2013


Nel quello is wrong for two reasons: 1: nel = in il which can't be combined with "quello" because you would say "in the that". Secondly: quello is before -z-/sn/sp/st (esse impura). Paese begins with -p- so it is quel.

May 8, 2013


thanks a lot for the explanation ... this is one of the (few) drawbacks of duolingo, there are no rules given whatsoever

March 30, 2014


OOOOOOOOh!!!! Now I get it! Geeze man I had no idea before that there was a difference at all, or a rule. I just DuoLingo was bugged

May 6, 2014


I said "Mangiano riso in quel nazione", which was not accepted. I'm going to report.

May 4, 2014
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