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System changes

Please explain to me how the new system shows a more accurate picture of our French abilities. I find that I get more frustrated because once I finish a skill set and move on to others, I soon have to go back to the first ones and do them over to retain my status. It is irritating and non-rewarding. So if I go on vacation for a week am I going to have to do everything over to get back where I left off? That makes no sense and it is non-rewarding. So what incentive do I have then to move forward with my learning if I stand to lose my status on previously learned chapters?

April 19, 2013

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The new system is more realistic. It does not deceive you into believing that once you master something, you will remember it till the end of your life. If you go on vacation for a week and don't practice any French there, you'll forget some of it, won't you? So it is quite reasonable to do some revision after you return before continuing to new topics.

Note that you don't have to review at all if you don't feel like it. You will only lose the golden color of the tiles. New skills won't lock again.

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