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"Are you from the city of Damascus, Sarah?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتِ مِن مَدينة دِمَشْق يا سارة؟

August 21, 2019



Wouldn't they say Shams instead of Damascus?

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Nope. Shams means "sun"
Maybe you mean Shám which is actually a name for the whole Levant region in Arabic but Syrians use it for Damascus and its surroundings. So it is better to stick to the formal meanings usually.


I was expecting Ash Shams from having seen this in other courses. But Damascus makes more sense.

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Ash-Shams الشمس = the sun.

Damascus is sometimes referred to (specially by Syrians) as Ash-Shám الشام.
This name particularly is used sometimes to note the Levant in general.

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