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Hi! Will Men & Women's voices be added for the Navajo language so that we can learn how to pronounce and speak the words, numbers, colors, directions, family, things, etc. correctly? I want to learn how to pronounce correctly!

Will more also be added on to learn even more Navajo Dine Bizaad language?


August 21, 2019



I don't know when this would occur, both Navajo and Hawaiian were released for Indegenous People Day yet the latter has received upgrades since then.


Hi Mazsola, I didnt know that but thank you for letting me know. Do you know what day the NAVAJO language was released, and was it this year? I really wish they did have or will get speakers for it so that me and others studying the Navajo language can learn how to pronounce the words correctly. Do you know of any other sites online that also teach the Navajo Dine Bizaad language?

P.S. Will you become one of my Duolingo friends?


Indigenous People's Day is on October 14, this year. For 2018 (when the languages were added) it was on October 8.

I'm hoping they add spoken lessons (both speaking and listening). Guess we'll have to sit tight.

There's several other sites that have Dine Bizaad, but it's primarily text based. A quick DuckDuck Go comes up with:


SatoriEnd, thank you! I'll check these sites out too! It's very much appreciated!


I love the fact that Navajo has been added to DL!

I am very interested in learning (at least) the basics of Navajo. But I do find it hard to figure out how the written words would sound (or should be pronounced). I will postpone learning Navajo until Navajo is out of Bèta and/or until I have a better grasp of what it (and I) should sound like.

PS Working without a (lightbulb) explanation is somewhat challenging as well. The trial and error runs are a little puzzling... :-)


To be honest, it feels like they pushed Navajo out as quickly as possible for Indigenous People's Day. I'm not sure how much effort was put into it.


Rowan it would be nice if they eventually add more to this language study.


Yes that's what it seems like. I hope they add more to it and also add Men & Women speaking the Dine Bizaad language.

[deactivated user]

    Best resource I've found to aid in correct pronunciation of Navajo is http://www.native-languages.org/navajo_guide.htm though it is still text based. Hope it helps.


    Thank you Hondoespinoza, I will check this out.


    Voices would be excellent, but even a basic pronunciation guide would be much appreciated!


    Hey, The language is a bit hard if your trying to speak it. I am full blood Navajo, born and raised in the Navajo Nation. However it is a dying language and it really is a tongue twister if your a English speaker. The best practices I say to use are understanding the marks. Most important is the glottal stop and the one with the nose.

    Some other sites may pronounce the words funny and the videos sometimes over exaggerated or beginner sounds for non-native speakers. I think the close to making the sounds is rosette stone. Other than that German is very close to our language, sounding alike that is.

    Glad to see people learning the language though. Happy to answer questions on the language and anything else related to it.


    Thank you Jalen! I've gone through Dine studies here, but are there other sites where it is taught online besides Rosetta Stone? I want to learn more, but here it seems is basic knowledge of the Dine Bizaad language. Again, thank you for your posting your information!


    There are some sites, but no sound. I was mostly taught first hand at school and home, but looking it up was for some reason considered bad. I can probably ask some newer teachers who may know some.


    Hi to everyone who has responded to my question, and also to those who may respond in future! I wanted to say THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU in case I miss personally responding to each person. THANK YOU ALSO to those who have given me lingots! I have ebjoyed reading, responding & learning of other online sites for more learning the Dine Bizaad language!

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