A tip for those who finished the Esperanto course

I have found a wonderful book on Gutenberg Project, perfect for those who successfully passed the initial stage and are looking for extra resources. Besides, it makes quite a pleasant reading.

Another useful book I use for revising and consolidating gramar and vocabulary is "Privilega vojo al lingvoscio" written by Vilho Setälä, using the direct method (monolingual), similar to the one employed by Ørberg in his famous "Lingua Latina per se illustrata" (easy to find online and to buy in paper)

August 21, 2019


Another tip for those who have finished the Esperanto course is that you have a one-time change to join Esperanto-USA for only $5.00. This is a special that was created because of Duolingo. This is not a stripped down membership. You get the newsletter in an online version, full discounts in the online store, discounts at national conferences, and the right to vote in all Esperanto-USA elections! Go to the website at Click on "Shop the online store", then click on the memberships on the menu at the left.
Dankon!! amike, filipo (Phil Dorcas, president, Esperanto-USA)

August 22, 2019

The book referenced above is "KARLO: Facila Legolibro por la Lernado de Esperanto" by Edmond Privat, written in 1910. The title in English: "Carl: An Easy to Read Book for the Student of Esperanto."

Mi antauxgxojas pri tio cxi libron!

Dankon Robert!

August 24, 2019

La paĝaro de 'Gutenberg' estas blokadata por germanaj adresoj!

August 22, 2019
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