"Voi aprite i libri."

Translation:You open the books.

April 19, 2013

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Is "You all open the books" not acceptable?


I'm a bit confused as to why "Open your books" is unacceptable.


Why do I need an article here? I translated this with "You open books". In any other case I can omit the article, but for some reason Duolingo tells me it's required here.


why do we need to say you? isn't it understood just with the translation of "open the book."


It's not a command. It's just a statement.


But how do you know that it is not a command? I had the same question actually...


Because there is a personal pronoun, so ‘aprite’ is not the imperative, but just the indicative. You need to use the imperative if you want to express a command. Now the imperative of the second person plural of ‘aprire’ is the same as the present indicative second person plural, but you would omit the pronoun. If, however, the pronoun were omitted, then, without context, the sentence ‘Aprite i libri.’ would be ambiguous (it can either be a command or just a statement as above).

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