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"a good friend"

Translation:صَديقة جَيِّدة

August 21, 2019



Can anyone tell the difference between the two words for "good" that we've learned so far: جَيِّد & طَيِّب? Why we say اَلْأَكْل طَيِّب but صَديقةجَيِّدة?

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I'm going to explain this but bear in mind that Duolingo is not using this logic because on many occasions they are using the wrong words.

The word جيد simply means (good).
The word طيب is used in various contexts. It can mean "kind" (i.e. nice) as well as "delicious".
However, there are more accurate words for "delicious" that I think Duolingo should have used in sentences related to food, like شهي (šahiy) and لذيذ (laðíð) - and the latter one is quite common.


I think صديقة means a female friend and صديق means a friend without specifying gender. Is that true?

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Depending on the context, the word صديق can be used for a male friend or a general meaning of a friend in some way. However, صديقة is specifically the feminine version and used only for a female friend.

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