Spoke in a Spanish speaking household for 5 days!

My boyfriend is bilingual (spanish and english) but his family doesnt know english nearly as well as his so they speak spanish at home. When i visited, I spoke as much spanish as i could to make a good impression! glad i had duolingo to practice.

August 21, 2019


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Now I need a spanish gf that I will swap for a chinese gf in a year and then for an arabic gf in 3 years. :D

August 21, 2019

hahahahaha you know you wrong for this comment

haha or become a polyamourous

Good luck. The first is the hardest. And the second is even harder. The third is not easy at all.

Haha! What a lovely idea! ;) I'd gladly do the same but it seems duolingo is still a better alternative. Real people break hearts...:)

DuoSwap -- finally something new and useful in the lingot shop!

Saaaaaaay whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Why would you ever do that?

It was a joke :) because I want to learn Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. :)

Ahhhhhh, makes sense. Well in that case...Buena Suerte!

no puedes explicar amigo


You boyfriend is a very lucky boy!

There is not many girls that do this.

Thank you very much!! :)

Good job! You're a keeper. :)

That's wonderful! I now have bilingual family members but am not confident enough yet to speak their native language with them. My goal is to at least understand what they are saying when they are all speaking Spanish. So far, the youngsters got a shock when I understood what they were saying and responded in English. That's PROGRESS for this old lady!

That’s great! I have noticed my Mexican neighbors have been very appreciative when I attempt to speak my very tentative first steps in Spanish.

Yes it's very lucky boy

¡Bravo, muy bien Madisonn! :)

That's awesome, I am proud of you!

Good luck !!!

hi, podemos hablar español conmigo.... ustedes pueden hablar español conmigo, yo quiero aprender hablar mas ingles mi correo es

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