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"I like talking with my father in the afternoon."

Translation:أُحِبّ اَلْكَلام مَعَ أَبي بَعْد اَلْظُّهْر.

August 21, 2019



What is the this بَعْد exactly???


After = بعد Noon = الظهر

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= After

بعد الظهر = afternoon


It should be التكلم (attakallum) right? Since it is with his father?

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So so. But it has nothing to do with the father.
The main issue here is about the nature of the word, which Duolingo is simply using a dialect format of speech.

The word الكلام (al-kalám) can simply translate to (the talk). In this sentence though it would be more proper to use التكلم (al-takallum) or التحدث (al-ta7adduþ). Both of these words are nouns or names for the action. While الكلام is simply a noun of the "object". In other words, to put things in a closer perspective to English:

  • الكلام: The talk.
  • التكلّم: the talking.
  • التحدّث: the conversing

In this sentence, the speaker is supposedly liking the "action" and not the "object" (hence in English it says I like talking and not I like the talk). Thus, التكلم is more proper for this context than الكلام.

Side note: Conversation is حديث (and it can be also translated as Narration in some aspect).

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