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  5. "Justiça é caro."


"Justiça é caro."

April 19, 2013



"Justiça é cara." sounds more natural. But I believe "Justiça é caro" can also be right.

If "justiça" was the object of a verb (like "fazer justiça"), the adjective would be in the masculine form (as verbs are genderless). So I believe the verb can be implicit there. "Fazer justiça é caro", ou "aplicar a justiça é caro".


Is this meant to be a comment along the lines of "it's expensive to go to court" or something philosophical like "It's a great cost to society to ensure justice is served"


Acho que essa frase é errada. Não deve ter concordância entre o substantivo e adjetivo? I think this sentence is wrong. Shouldn't there be agreement between the gender of the noun and adjective? For example “O custo de justiça é caro.” but “A justiça cara é injustiça.”


Too real :(


The Michaelis online dictionary has a second definition of "caro" (the first is "highly valued" or "expensive") which seems to fit here, it is: "2. difficult, hard earned, requiring sacrifices or considerable expense".

More chat about this sentence here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/222855

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