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  5. "غُرْفة جَديدة غَريبة"

"غُرْفة جَديدة غَريبة"

Translation:a weird new room

August 21, 2019



why don't they accept new weird room?


I think it has to do with the order of the adjectives.

Even in English in fact, the order of the adjectives makes a difference. If we are to analyze this:
a weird new room = a weird (new room).
a new weird room = a new (weird room).

As you can see in the first one the room is new, but it is weird as being one of its kind.
In the second instance, it is a weird room but a new one of its kind (from a set of weird rooms).

the order of the adjectives in Arabic is the reverse of that in English as well.


I still don't get it. Is the order of the adjectives in Arabic always the reverse of the order in English?


Yes. If you say in English: a weird new room, then in Arabic it will be: room/new/weird

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