I am an educator in Duolingo network but after i changed my email i can't access to the network?? anyone with the same issue?

August 21, 2019


Do you remember your password? You should be able to still log on with your old e-mail and your password... You just won't get any notifications until you update your e-mail.

Yes i already know the password and the email also am logged in but i don't know the link that can go in the educators' network

I'll let Gaby know. :) In the meantime, try going into your browser's history and finding the link there. You'll have to look for the date you last logged on. Or search for your old "welcome" e-mail.

Hi Bilal! Fill out this application again (so you don't need to disclose your email here in the Forum) I will update your email. Do you need me to update just the Slack email or also the email in the Duolingo platform?

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