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I can't load Arabic on Android 4

I set up a device for a friend that has Duolingo on it, running Android 4. If he logs into the website via browser, he added Arabic and finished some lessons, but when he logs into the app it doesn't show it as one of his languages.

Oddly enough, if he clicks on our profiles via the friends system it doesnt show Arabic as one of our languages either. It's like it doesn't exist on Android 4. What should we do?

August 21, 2019

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I just tried Duolingo on an old tablet with Android 4 and it doesn't show Arabic for me either. On my phone with Android 6 Arabic works just fine.

The app version on Android 4 is 3.106, on Android 6 it's 4.28, so I am afraid Android 4 is just too old and you will need a device with a newer Android version.

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