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GHAR and other thoughts about Duolingo

While I think that the (young?) woman is very clear in her pronunciations and there is a little variety in the "phrases" part of each section, all letters and combinations of letters in the second section seem to have only ONE recording each. This is where I believe that that GH in GHAR sounds is terribly close to an R (hence RAR) sound and it should be on the list of files to record again. This makes me think that Duolingo should add more sound bites with different voices, which could even be then options for us students. Babies and toddlers keep comparing how the same words are used by the different adults (or other kids) until one day, they try it out - not before. I verified this phenomenon in a French school close to New York, NY with kids who spoke English only at home - they would first talk in English in class during the first trimester and wait until January to jabber away en français with everyone. Hence hearing a language (with not TOO many words at the start) spoken by more than one person really help to acquire an ear for this. The struggle a lot of us have in trying the different Ks and Hs is because we have one sound for H and one for K, whereas I suspect that for Arab children, they were seldom confused. GH is GH, KH is KH, etc... it's the transliteration in our own alphabet which stands in the way, perhaps. Thank you for reading this far. You're a friend!

August 21, 2019


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