So, who else is learning Arabic on here or a native speaker? I have so many questions about the grammar, as well as I'm trying to learn the Egyptian dialect as well. Any tips on that?

August 21, 2019


I have been studying Egyptian Arabic for a little over a year. I was fortunate to have a native speaker as a teacher. The best advice I can give is to take it one step at a time. Duolingo Arabic is alright for very basic practice. The issue is that Arabic grammar is very complicated to learn for most people and the course doesn't teach it very well. My advice would be to learn the alphabet and how to read it. Understand that once you progress past the very basic levels, all the vowel marks go away (the little marks above and below the words).

Something else that helped me a lot was downloading a flash card app, such as Anki or quizlet to drill vocabulary. I personally recommend Anki, but quizlet will work as well. There are countless flash card decks out there that will teach you common words. Start slow, maybe try and learn 5-10 words a day at first. Once you start getting comfortable, increase that to 15-20, and so on.

My experience with learning and studying Arabic is that it is a marathon, not a sprint. It is a unique language and one that would take a life time to master. Although I can hold conversations in Arabic without reverting to English, I still sometimes hit roadblocks where I am completely unfamiliar with what is being said and must use context to figure it out.

This website,, has a lot of information about grammar, syntax, and vocabulary for both MSA and Egyptian Arabic. Also, italki is supposed to be pretty good if you can find a good professor. I have not tried it, but I have heard outstanding things from other people. As for youtube, Arabic Mike has an outstanding Arabic channel where he covers a lot of different topics. Ali Gamal is another great channel focused on the Egyptian Dialect. Ali Gamal also covers basic conversations and breaks them down very well. Arabic with Maha is also really good, although she focuses more on the Palestinian dialect, which has some differences with Egyptian.

I hope this wasn't too long, I am very passionate about Arabic as I learned it later in life as my first foreign language. Good luck on your journey. Arabic is a beautiful language and a very rewarding one to learn and speak.

!انت هتكون ممتاز لو انت تدرس كثير

Thank you so much! Yeah, I memorized the alphabet along with the long and short vowels and harakat in a day, but it just seems so hard to find resources to learn egyptian dialect. Do you know of any movies/ shows/ songs in this dialect you can point me in the direction of?

Learning a dialect will be difficult as Egyptian does not seem to have a lot of written resources. I learned it in a classroom environment through school and am lucky enough to have a large Egyptian population in my area. As far as shows go, الباب في الباب is an Egyptian sitcom that I watched when I first started learning. It is similar to Everyone Loves Raymond. The vocabulary overlapped with a lot of what I was learning and the show was at least somewhat entertaining. If you are more into action shows, كلبش is pretty entertaining. The second show is more difficult if you are watching to try and learn, but it is a cool show. As far as music, I don't really have any recommendations. I enjoy the music, but most of the time I have no idea what is being said. I usually just throw on an arabic playlist on Spotify and let it play. I do the same thing with French, and it helps just to passively hear the sounds of the language.

I know you are dialect focused right now, but I definitely recommend this book, "Arabic Stories for Language Learners: Traditional Middle Eastern Tales In Arabic and English". It is a collection of stories, with English on the left page and Arabic on the right. It can help you practice reading and learning vocabulary. The audio CD is amazing, the readers are slow and speak clearly. This was very helpful for "training" my ears to hear some of the different sounds. Mind you, MSA is not my strength, so I am still learning some of the vocabulary.

Something to consider when learning the Egyptian dialect, they do not always pronounce all the letters the same as MSA. For example, the ق is not always pronounced, but rather, is treated as an ا or أ. In my experience, the letter ث is also sometimes pronounced as س. Don't let this deter you, it's is just something to learn early.

Good luck with your studying!

You have been a great help! Thankyou so much for your advice and information, good luck on your journey!

native speaker but not egyptian dialect x)

Native here (Moroccan dialect though), if you have any questions just ask, i'll try to answer them for you.

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