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Assigning and Re-assigning Activities

It makes no sense that every single assigned activity in each classroom has to be newly assigned once every new student joins the classroom. Why wouldn't all assigned activities simply appear for anyone who joins the classroom? This is the opposite of useful, particularly in a university setting where it sometimes takes time for students' financial aid to come in, so that students sometimes aren't immediately able to purchase their classroom materials immediately.

Assigned activities should be immediately available to students once they're in the classroom. It makes no sense whatsoever that these need to be reassigned each time, and because this feature of the site is fundamentally dysfunctional, I would consider this a bug that needs fixing.

August 21, 2019

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I agree with what you say, RyanGomez. But then again, sometimes I don't make the students do homework that they missed if they transferred from out of state. (High School teacher here.) But yes, it would be nice if once they joined the class, they were at least notified of past assignments.

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