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  5. "The sheep is white."

"The sheep is white."

Translation:Dibé łigai.

August 22, 2019



But compare with "shash łizhin" = "black bear". Why is this not "white sheep", and/or why is "shash łizhin" not accepted as "the bear is black"?


I assume in multiple choice problems DL intended to substitute two non-sheep animals as the "wrong" choices, but please note there is a weird typo (?) in the choice that presumably is intended to mean "The horse is white", where horse, "Łį́į́'" is seemingly spelled with an upper case letter at the end, "Łį́Į́'". I'm guessing this is not intentional, so I reported as "Something else went wrong". Hoping this volunteer proofreading helps DL and will make life slightly easier for us beginners trying to get used to this modern Navajo romanization...


Where is the word is?


Apparently the color words are verbs meaning "to be (color)" so you don't need to translate "is" as a separate word.

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