"Alle donne piacciono gli ombrelli colorati."

Translation:The women like colorful umbrellas.

April 19, 2013

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Could someone explain "alle" please? The suggested translations are 'a' and 'as' but the translation for this sentence is 'the.' Why would alle be used instead of le?


Alle seems to me to be a contraction of Al (to) and le (the). The sentence would literally translate as "To the women, colorful umbrellas are pleasing" but we translate it as "The women like colorful umbrellas." Someone please correct me if I'm misundertsanding this.


seems right, though isn't a contraction of A + le?


I put your literal answer and it said wrong


The preposition "a" is used because the verb "piacere" often carries that. "mi piace questo"= me pleases this > I like it. Here the form "mi" indicates "a me". "A le donne" >> Alle donne piace questo" = This pleases women = Women like this.


Yes. There are perhaps two points that poor tdattolo may be struggling with here. 1) Understanding how the verb "piacere" works which, like only a few others, works differently as seibolt has indicated. 2) The suggested translations in duolingo are not always absolutely correct - just hints perhaps made to make us think a bit more. (Sometimes just a pain!)

A good link may be http://italian.about.com/od/verbs/a/italian-verb-piacere.htm to really get to grips with "piacere" and similar verbs.


Thanks for link. Very helpful.


Best to think of piacere as meaning "to please" It says "The colorful umbrellas please the women." Or, literally, "To the women, the colorful umbrellas are pleasing." Exactly like "gustar" in Spanish. I expect we'll see a few more like this.


Exactly...I thought it was saying 'as women, they like colored umbrellas,' which makes sense...if it's THE women, why isn't it le donne?


that "le" u are asking for is in "alle" that comes from "a+le"


yes, but why do you need alle (to the)--is there a grammatical rule?


it's the preposition that gives the idea of who likes the umbrellas. I wouldn't know how else to explain it. My mother tongue is spanish and it's the same in spanish


Why "gli" before ombrelli? I must have missed something.


'Gli' is the article used for a plural word begginning with a vowel.


Why isn't "prefer" right for piacciono?


Because it doesn't mean the same thing.


What is the difference between "Alle donne" and "Le donne" ? Can anyone help to explain? Thank you!


Alle donne = to the women, Le donne = the women. In italian the objects please the people.


There was a sentence "Alle donne piacciono i colori ombrelli" and I translated into "To the women like colorful umbrellas", it was wrong! They said it was supposed to be like "The women like colorful umbrellas".. confusing.


Your answer didn't have correct english


But the machine say that was the correct one, that's I'm confused. :-/

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