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  5. "My sister has a job."

"My sister has a job."

Translation:Minha irmã tem um emprego.

April 19, 2013



How are "trabalho" and "emprego" used natively? The first for "work" and the second for "job", or can they be used as both? (if so there are duolingo errors that need reporting)


Sometimes they are used interchangeably: "where are you going?" "Para o meu trabalho/emprego". "Trabalhar" is a verb = to work, "empregar" is also a verb = to hire. Trabalho can be used as chores. (Trabalho de casa, tenho muito trabalho para fazer,...). And job can be translated as: emprego, obra, empreitada, serviço,...


what is the difference between minha, meu, and meus?


words in portuguese have gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural). When you use a possessive adjective/pronoun, it has to agree with the number and gender of the word. meu, meus, minha, minhas = my. gato (cat - masculine), gatos (plural), gata (cat - feminine), gatas (plural). So we have meu gato, meus gatos, minha gata, minhas gatas (=my cat(s) in English)

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