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"They go home from the store and the bank."

Translation:Mereka pulang dari toko dan bank.

August 22, 2019



Mereka pergi rumah dari ke toko dan bank

This was how I type it and was incorrect Curious why...? I know pergi means go, so I would like to know when to use pergi. I need to know the difference and when to use Rumah and Pulang

In this context I assume ke shouldn't have been used.


"Pulang" means going or coming to one's home.

I just came home from school = Saya baru pulang sekolah.

After graduating from college, he went back to his country = Setelah lulus kuliah, dia pulang ke negaranya.


It'd be nice if they let us know that first, but I suppose we learn from mistakes and from people such as yourself.

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I think it should be:

"Mereka pergi ke rumah dari toko dan bank"

"Ke" should come before "rumah".


this is stupid. i type 'mereka pulang ke rumah dari toko dan bank' n i got wrong even though the english clearly wrote return HOME. and another question which said 'returns' without specifying home, when i wrote dia pulang... i got wrong bcuz the right answer is 'pulang ke rumah'.... what the...


Toko is ( store or shop) Why app say wrong in the last question before this (when i wrote it "store" instead of shop) But here in this question app said store!!!!!!!!!!

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