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  5. "Zayd is from Scotland."

"Zayd is from Scotland."

Translation:زَيْد مِن إِسْكُتْلَنْدا.

August 22, 2019



I hear an N at the end of scotland


Yes. It is incorrect pronunciation by the TTS system.


Why does scotland start with an i sound (and letter)?


That was explained in the "tips"


Tips? Did not see any in Arabic.. would have needed tips to locate the correct letters in arabic keyboard.. very tricky. It is also too small to see, maybe depends on phone


I have to access Duolingo on a laptop to see the tips. They do not show up on my phone


I've only ever used Duolingo on my computer. From what I gather, the phone app sounds bad - the Arabic script is too small, and now apparently you don't get tips! I'm quite happy to do it on the computer. It's my daily treat.


Four months later: I now sometimes do Duolingo on my phone. The disadvantage is that you don't get Tips, but the advantage, if you're competitive, is that it tends to give you more XPs per exercise. When I start a fresh chapter, I do it on the computer, so as to see the Tips. Duolingo is WONDERFUL.


Tuija Tamgh: Are you asking me what tips? My version of the app gives TIPS and START at the beginning of each section of the lesson. I find it useful to glance at the TIPS even when I'm revising a lesson.


There are two versions of Duolingo, one is the mobile app which I'm guessing you're using and one is the desktop option. Try logging in from a desktop and you'll see each lesson comes with a "tipps" options that explains many things that the lesson teaches. It can be very very helpful with many things.


Zayd is from Scotland

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