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"Dia tidak memberi catatan tambahan."

Translation:She does not give additional notes.

August 22, 2019



“memberi catatan tambahan “ and “minta tambahan sambal “ were both correct answers .Is there a preference where to place the adverb? “tambahan” ?


I am wondering the same


he did not give added notes ...yes or no?


I am wondering for the same thing


My translation was, “He did not provide additional notes.” It was marked incorrect and I reported it.

“Provide” (to give, particularly with a purpose in mind) is very obviously a synonym for “give”. It is listed in every Indonesian-English dictionary I have as a possible translation of “memberi”.

But not only that, it’s the best alternative, being the most natural in the slightly formal context of sentences involving additional notes being provided by teachers to students, by politicians to journalists, by academics to peers, etc. Using “additional” (instead of “extra”) is also in this slightly formal tone — its “provide additional” not “give extra”.


s/he does/did not give THE[?] additional notes

Could it be translated with 'the'as well?

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