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"Die Betriebe haben ihren Standort in Kanada."

Translation:The companies are located in Canada.

April 19, 2013



couldn't this mean "the companies have their offices in Canada"?


The German sentence doesn't single out "offices." It simply states that the companies are located in Canada, not just that their offices are in Canada, while some other parts of the company, manufacturing plants or whatever, might be in some other country. So "The companies have their offices in Canada" is not a faithful translation.

Note also that the literal translation is "The companies have their location in Canada." But that's the sort of unnecessarily awkward/verbose/not quite native English (influenced by the German) that Duolingo doesn't want to encourage. German may say it that way, but English doesn't. The companies don't have their location in Canada; they are located in Canada.


I think "The companies have their location in Canada" is perfectly fine and should be accepted. DL seems to have mood swings between "Translate that more colloquially" and "Translate that in a way more faithful to the original". One just has to gamble which way the little green owl is feeling at the moment.


What is the need for Ihren in the sentence?


ihren (lower case i) means "their" in this case...


I could not find the meaning of "Standort" in the German dictionary


Canada is the country north of the USA, or were you just joking? ;)


I thought Betrieber was also plural; am I wrong.


Haha. That plural companies/singular location mismatch confused the heck out of me for a minute there. I was imagining like a business park or something before the meaning clicked.


The companies have their locations in Canada.

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