Where are my lingots?

I made my 800 days streak, but did not receive 80 lingots. Why?

August 22, 2019


There are two reason of this:

  1. You reach your 800 day on the Android app.
  2. You are a part of new A/B test of duolingo.

If you are a part of the test, you will not see this text in your store:

I hope this helps you.

August 22, 2019

By the way: I rummaged a bit in the code and found out that the test is called retention_remove_streak_lingot_bonus if anyone is interested in.

Wow. The fact that you can read code is extremely helpful, especially because Duo never explains, warns, or responds to us who are "huh, what happened??" (haha). I think some people just say "it must be an A/B test" without really knowing, so I thank you for the verification FieryCat!

You are awesome FieryCat "rummaging around" like that. Do you know how long these tests tend to last? Will it run its cousre or are my 10 Day Streak Lingots gone forever?

The last such test that was called "no_lingot_streak_reward" was active for about 3-4 months if I remember it correctly. In any case, either the reward will be returned to you or it will be taken away from everyone and the test will thus be completed. I think the test will fail as last time. Sorry, I don't track these test on purpose.



Quote: I think the test will fail as last time

I am curious: How can this test succeed or fail?

Will every high streaker lose their streak on purpose just because they won't get the 10-days lingot bonus anymore? :-)

And how can I succeed with my A/B receiving test as I cannot give any feedback that I am satisfied?

But these bonus removage tests like this are quite bad for reaching a higher HOF ranking:

Quite funny, I got almost 8888 lingots (in a few days) during my last 2,5 years...but there are people listed who were using some code holes / bugs and got over 20,000 lingots...and who were quite new and had not completed a single tree.

Hi, Thomas.
They are not interested in the streaks or lingots of the high streakers or someone else. They want that you keep your activity here and stimulate the activity of others.

For example, I know a person who does not allow the amount of her lingots exceed a certain limit. Image her activity when she seaches for good comments and gives away few hundred lingots without a script. This is one scenario, but it is not the only one.

Another question I have that you may know about. A few months ago I started receiving 4 lingots every day when I met my daily goal. Nice way to pick up an extra 120 lingots each month! There was nothing in my store account to explain it. I blew it though when I missed a day and had to burn a Streak Freeze. Any ideas about that? Another test maybe?

Most likely it is related to a new version of the android app. Is it possible that the app was updated then? I would try to use another version app. I don't use the app at all, so it is only my guess.

My Android is due an update. MaybeI should do it now.

New Update: In my Store the 10 day is back. I missed 2 streak bonuses, 39 and 40. Looks I'm back on track for # 41.
WhatHapenned? In my email I got congrats for achieving 398 and 399 days and an invite to upgrade my service. I didn't reply and the 10 day stopped. Then I replied and asked for my 10 day's back. Got no reply, but the 10 day is back in my store. I hope it won't go away again, and I'm considering whether I should upgrade.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I did not receive lingots for one ten day streak at the end of August, but I did receive lingots for my ten day streak yesterday. My store was back to normal too. I hope it can just stay like this, and no more unanounced nonsense. I don't think that upgrading, or not upgrading has anything to do with it. I think it was something a lot of users were just experiencing whether they used duolingo plus or not. What do you think?

Thank you for your answer, but:

  1. I use windows 10, not android.
  2. Yes, I do not see this text in my store now, but I bet I saw it before!

What is the A/B test?

Duolingo uses many A/B tests (2254 at the moment) in order to find out the best way to help us to learn languages (keep us on the site?). This test one of them. There was already the same one four years ago (May 2015).

And how is it connected with the loss of lingots? Can I get them back?

By the way, I changed some settings yesterday, for example, reduced my daily goal from 30 to 20 XP. Can it be connected with that?

You did not lose them, you just did not receive them. You cannot get back what you have never had. And of course, you cannot leave the test yourself. Sorry.

added: You should just wait until the test is over.

I still do not see the connection between the test and the change in the lingot-streak rule. Why I did not receive them in this case?

May be this old post will be helpful to you:, and you may search for no_lingot_streak_reward also.

And.. did you read the link I gave you above?

By the way, I changed some settings yesterday, for example, reduced my daily goal from 30 to 20 XP. Can it be connected with that?

Hardly. This test started at the start of the week for some users. Maybe even earlier.

thanks for your helpful post. this also applies to me and i also don't see the 10 day streak entry in my store. in my case, i think this started happening the same week that group award of 25 lingots for league completing 30,000 xp in ruby league appeared (2 wks ago, mid Aug 2019?). This is now 35,000 xp for emerald league.

I received the lingots for my streak on August 15, but not August 25, so somewhere between there it stopped.

I haven't used the app since March 9, when the old app I had stopped working. (My device is too old for the new one.)

I use desktop on Android. Chrome.

I've never been in a league.

fyi. I'm guessing the test ended. I got a bunch of new lingots overnight and my "shop" page now shows the line about getting lingots for a ten day streak

Listed again is the streak reward, but I didn't get any lingots from the previous two cycles. I missed the one two days ago on May 4.

Interesting. I stopped receiving rewards two or three weeks ago. At this point, I think I might pause using duolingo for a while.

I did not receive mine either. I hope your comment about it is not downvoted out of existence as mine was.

How long ago did you notice that? Did you get 47 lingots for 470 days streak?

I stopped receiving the 10-day streak lingots yesterday at day 2010.

I didn't get my 117 lingots yesterday.

I guess if we're not going to be rewarded for staying around then there is no longer any point in staying.

There is only one thing to do....protest through national media.

What moron thinks about running a test where lingots are not handed out to 'see if that system works better'? And how does this concept even get past the breakfast meeting.

Man this site does some galatically stupid rubbish. Not an A/B test, but a B/S test!

Not necessarily stupid ... it could be an allocation of limited resources. Duo could easily be doing a hundred things behind the scenes. Not calculating free lingots might save enough nanoseconds or memory or whatever to devote to what could be more important tasks.

It looks like they have canceled this test. Can anyone confirm it?

Well, all I can say is that in my store I can see the text concerning the lingots awarded for 10 day streak (I'm not sure if it was there over the last few weeks, though), but I was never awarded them for my 190 and 200 day streak.

Today I got 21 lingots for the 210 day streak, but I did not receive any retroactive awards (those missed during the test, I mean).

Thanks a lot for the info!

Actually, thank you for checking what was going on and providing an explanation

In my shop also there is the same text which has expired for 22 days now, and neither I have got those missing lingots in reverse yet.

My per-10 streak bonus has resumed today after missing the previous two.

I think you're right FieryCat. When I visit SHOP and under "what is a lingot" the explanation of how to earn 1, 10, 20 etc lingots for every 10 day streak has returned! It will be confirmed (or not) in 4 days when I reach my 930 day streak.

I think you are right, FieryCat. Thanks for keeping on the beat with this. Yesterday, as if by magic, I received 48 lingots for my 480 day streak. Ten days ago, I did not receive any, despite everything being the same. In the lingot shop, the list of how to obtain lingots is the same as usual - with three opportunities, including ten day streaks. Last week, that option was missing.

I made my 910 days streak ten days ago and did not receive 91 lingots. Then I thought this happened, because it coincided with the 7 day "all or nothing" wagger. Today I reached 920 day streak and again, I did not receive any lingots.

I also did not receive 71 lingots for a 710 day streak on the same day that I was awarded 10 lingots for my 7 day "all or nothing" wager. Ten days later I did not receive 72 lingots for a 720 day streak. However, I did receive 73 lingots for my 730 day streak. Maybe this is just a coincidence, or maybe it threw us into a lingot vortex. From all the comments on this topic, it appears that most of us started to receive them again after missing two 10 day streak periods. At this point the missing lingots have not been retroactively added for most of us. I can only guess at the reasoning behind doing this. I know I really like earning them just for the heck of it, even if they don't buy much in the lingot store. Maybe Duolingo wanted to see how important it was to us. Like others who have commented on this issue, I have spent a lot of time reporting this as a bug.

Thankfully, Duolingo is a wonderful platform to learn languages. However, the programmers seem to have a like/hate relationship with the gaming aspect and rewards systems of their creation. Gems and lingots are almost useless except for a streak freeze or to fill up hearts on iOS. A great reward for amassing these virtual currencies would be to “buy” ad free learning. But as I write this my ad experience increases weekly with the platform reminding me that Duolingo is far from free.

I had the same experience. It feels mean spirited and I particularly dislike the absence of any prior notification. Instead I have spent time investigating my device, my account settings etc, when Duolingo knows exactly where my lingots have gone!

I feel the same way. The rules should always be the same. Or at least things should be clear when they change. We really all have better things to do with our time than research what happened to the lingot system. . And none of this nonsense fosters language-learning in any way. Thanks for the comment Adina.

I have missed out on the bonus for the last 2 weeks. My immediate reaction was to fill in a Duo bug report - previous behaviour has changed without notice makes it a bug to me (around 40 years in software). I hope that you all do the same when you think that the platform "fails" to work. Perhaps a large number of bug reports will signal that we want to keep learning, and that we care about the platform, but that we like the feature. It seems to me that this is the point where Duo shoots itself in the foot (claw?) when it doesn't publish information about expected behaviour and/or changes from previous norms. I am not sure that the removal of an obscure line at the bottom of the 'Shop' page quite counts for me as a notification of a change! But I still value Duo hugely and my steak goes on. it matters to me, but perhaps not to the Duo team.

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