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I shop at a local Indian grocery store for all my meals that rents/sells DVDs that are in either Hindi or Telugu, with English subtitles. Actually I think it's around 2/3 Telugu. I wasn't sure if I heard it there and I'm sure I heard a bit of Hindi but not much.

I asked for the Mahabharatha and he told me he has the volume of 17 discs and they were 3 each and some missing, but I still think I'm going to go back for them. It's not as though a lot of people are shopping for DVDs in an Indian grocery store, and should be there. He asked me how I knew of a lot about India's history, its politics and Hinduism. Then I let him know that I was learning Hindi when the right opportunity came up and felt comfortable for both of us and told him I'll be coming back at least once a week and he offered to help me with Hindi. I wonder, is Telugu more difficult? Any Telugu speakers here, and if so, do you also speak Hindi or a language related to it? Any good resources for both languages? What are your experiences?

August 22, 2019

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Telugu belongs to a completely different language family (Dravidian) than Hindi and on the language tree, Hindi is more closely related to English than it is to Telugu. That said, knowing Hindi will certainly have its advantages when learning Telugu.

The first is the script. Devanagari and the Telugu script are both Brahmic scripts. A couple of letters have a slightly different pronunciation in the two languages and Telugu has two extra vowels and an extra consonant but other than that, the scripts largely work the same.

The second is the vocabulary. Telugu has a considerable vocabulary that's borrowed from Sanskrit (a direct ancestor of Hindi) and as a result, there are a lot of words shared between the two languages.

The good news is that the English for Telugu speakers course on Duolingo is due soon so I expect the Telugu for English speakers course will start being developed after that.

August 28, 2019
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