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Something happened with my email

I've had change my email adress on this account two days ago, and now I didn't got no mails from the site in two days. Should I worry about something, or that is normal?

June 16, 2014



Hi Timea-

I'm not part of the tech team (see blue rings w/white star for staff and tech), but it will help them if whenever you post to Troubleshooting, you include what operating system and browser you're using when you encounter the error (for example I use windows 7/Firefox). Or if you're using an app, which platform you're on when it happens. Please feel free to edit your main post and add that information even after you've made a post. :)

Since changing your email, have you checked your Duolingo settings to make sure your email settings were still switched on?

  1. Hover over your username in blue bar at top of screen.
  2. Select "Settings" from drop down menu.

Alt text

  1. On the right, you'll see various options, at the bottom of that list is "Notifications" You can check your settings there. I hope this helps! ^_^


Thank you for your tips.:) I am using Windows 7 and Chrome. Yes, I have checked the settings and everything seems to be the same, and my email adress is updated to. But it was strange to me to not receive notifications since I made the change with the new email adress.

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