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  5. "My homework is finished."

"My homework is finished."

Translation:Ua paʻa ka haʻawina.

August 22, 2019



Why pa'a instead of pau?


Aloha e @BarbaraLea954887 , this is a very good question. This lies in the distinction in Hawaiian between something that has been completed (like a task, an action), and something that is fully completed and done (extinguished like a fire in a forest).

That being said, I could see either being used, but with homework, this is a recurring action, it isnʻt really a type of work that has the finality attached in general to it to justify using "Pau". If it was your last homework for a class that is ending or for the last day of High School, for example, it would be known from context that "Pau" would be appropriate. As usual, another ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi case where context is everything haha ^_^;

I hope this helps a bit!! E holomua kākou!


Ua pau ka haʻawina

is accepted.


"Ua pa'a i kā'u ha'awina?" is wrong. But maybe it's not really wrong because there is a reference to "My".


oia'io - the homework is finished. Aia i hea ka "ko'u a i ole ka'u? Is the "my" just left out for some reason?


It happens quite often when the possession is well understood. The same type of omission occurs for pronouns when the subject/object is obvious or well understood.


So there was the other practice question that was "Is your homework finished" and the answer was "Ua pa'a ka ha'awina ia 'oe." So I figure, following that style, I would try "Ua pa'a ka ha'awina iā'u" here. But this answer is not accepted.


you canʻt say paʻa kaʻu haʻawina? Iʻm confused as to why sometimes ua is used and sometimes not. I saw the explanation earlier, but isnʻt it understood in this sentence that if itʻs finished, its past tense?

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