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Podcasts and Stories!!

Have you had any success assigning duolingo stories / podcasts to your classes? Any suggestions or tips are much appreciated!

August 22, 2019

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Up until last month, the Stories were too difficult for my early-level French and Spanish classes. So we read them together in class: The students each get a mini-whiteboard to write on whenever there is a composition question. (I love mini-whiteboards for formative assessment! It is so easy to go around the room and see what the patterns of understanding are.)

Since there are some easier stories that have been added now, I'm planning to have the students take a screen shot of "You just completed the story!" and send it to me so that I can enter it in the gradebook.

The podcasts are interesting, but because they do not stay 100% in the target language, I'm not going to assign them. We might listen to one or two in class, depending on if the subject matches some bit of culture I want to teach. If I get time, I will "illustrate" them with a slide show about the place they are discussing. It is hard for the students in my early levels to listen without the crutch of visuals.

I too am interested in how other teachers are using these, so thanks for asking the question!

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