An English paragraph

The English teacher explained how to write an “Academic English Paragraph”. I will not write here the rules but just give my own example.
My Computer and Me.
I have a computer. I like it because we are very alike. See for yourself: both of us like to have a rest. I look at my computer resting on the table. The computer looks at me resting on the coach.And nobody says anything. We like to keep silence. And we have the same level of knowledge. I mean, we are equally stupid. When I try to do something, my computer repeats it willingly. So we are the same. I like my computer especially when it is turned off. Why do I have to look at my own foolishness?
And once more. I’m a bad sleeper. And when I cannot sleep, my computer keeps friendly relations and plays different games with me, and we lose in turn so we don’t upset each other.

August 23, 2019

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Fantastic! You should be a writer.

Cool! I bad know English, but I can use translator ;) I don't know a lot of words, but my friendly computer knows almost all :D

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