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"In this picture, there is my sister and her friend George."

Translation:في هٰذِهِ الْصّورة هُناك أُخْتي وَصَديقها جورْج.

August 23, 2019



Is it wrong to translate "صديقها" as "her boy friend"? Since صذيق actually means male friend/boy friend, while صديقة means female friend/girl friend?


It is very wrong to say that


Can we please get a voice reading for the right answer in this type of excersice?


There ARE my sister and her friend George


With a series of singular items, this is extremely awkward and only some prescriptionists would choose "are" over "is" in this scenario. https://www.grammarly.com/blog/there-is-there-are/


That's no reason to vote it down. It is an eligible statement.


@tsuj1g1r1 Sorry to read your post late. Do you think (my sister and her friend) is singular? Can't give me a shade tbh. Talking about prescriptionists, I am not better than them though and I am not even better than you. Hope this can make your day better


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