"Ñuhor qintir kastor issa."

Translation:My turtle is green.

August 23, 2019

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When is kastor blue vs green? I started typing out the turtle is blue since every time before kastor was blue but had to double check before submitting my response. I changed it to green in the end.


Context, basically. Technically, "The turtle is blue" should be correct as well.


Why is there one word for two distinctly different colors? Are valerian's color blind to those two spectrums?


No, it's got to do with the development of colour names. The highly diverse spectrum of names we have now is a pretty recent development. Plenty of older languages have only three colours. Ancient Greek, one of the inspirations for High Valyrian, is famous for having only four colour terms. Add to that that languages tend to draw the lines between colours differently (the English "purple" continually baffles me as a non-native speaker), and you get some languages (like Japanese, although there's a recent word for green specifically there too), that lump green and blue together.

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