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How to hide the leader board (without going to privacy settings), tutorial!

Since so many people find them a nuisance I thought I'd provide a tutorial for how to hide them on web. I'm not very good at writing tutorials so please bear with me :)

Step 1: Install Adblock Plus and enable it through the extensions.

Step 2: Go to the right hand corner of your browser and click on the icon that looks like a red circle with a ABP in the middle.

Step 3: In the dropdown click "block element." Now hover your mouse over the leader-board and click when the entire block is highlighted in yellow, then press add.

You should instantly stop seeing the leaderboard.

I hope this helps some people. If not you can always look up a YouTube video on how to use Adblock Plus :D Let me know if anyone found this helpful! :D

August 23, 2019



Thanks! I really appreciate it.


You can hide the motivational messages if you want to :) There's a button in the settings somewhere :D

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