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How to recover Google account

We tend to forget passwords of our social media accounts and then get trapped in recovering it. Also at times when we don’t know the exact solution we either lose access to the account or end up making new one. Such is the case with Google account recovery as well. When we forget password to our Google account a lot of work is hampered. So in order to save time juggling with inappropriate methods here are exact solution as how to recover Google account:

· When you had made your Google account long back, you might have entered some account recovery information like recovery mail or phone number.

· Now that you have lost your account’s password, you can use these backup options to recover your account.

· Navigate to Google log in page.

· Tap on sign in option and click “can’t sign in”.

· A pop up box will appear in front of you asking to fill in the recovery mail or number.

· Having chosen you will receive a security code on either mail or text.

· Enter that code in recovery box and generate your new password.

· Re-enter it and confirm it.

· If you remember your password and not user name then tap on can’t remember username and click.

· Enter your user name and continue.

· Answer all the security questions.

· Once your answers are verified few accounts with same name will appear in suggestion.

· Choose yours and generate your new user ID.

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August 23, 2019

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