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  5. "A menina gosta de joias."

"A menina gosta de joias."

Translation:The girl likes jewels.

April 19, 2013



Isn't it supposed to be "jóias" with the accent?


Bah, I hate the Portuguese spelling reform!!It makes no sense at all, at least for us PT-PT. It would be like saying to everyone in the UK: Ok, now you have to forget the right way of writting (British english)! And start writing in US english! Why, you ask? Well, because we, the government, want you to!

I'm Portuguese, and I still write using the "old" spelling! just like many other people do! And I forever will! Because there is enough room for PT-BR and PT-PT, just like for EN-UK and EN-US. And the differences are justifiable!

Summing up, for me "jóias" is the correct spelling!


I totally agree that the changes are silly. Why would you take away ¨ü¨?? It served an important purpose!!


Os diamantes são um melhor amigo das meninas


São "O melhor amigo".... ;)

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