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"She passed, then she graduated."

Translation:Dia lulus, lalu dia wisuda.

August 23, 2019



isn't 'lulus' 'graduate' in ENG? Is 'wisuda' also a verb?


lulus 1 to go/get through, penetrate; to slip off (a ring from the finger); to stumble (into a hole). 2 to sink (into the mud). tak – pada/di/akan pikiran illogical, unacceptable, incredible. 3 to pass (an examination, etc.); to succeed; to be permitted/allowed. – dari to graduate from. – dari psikotés to pass a psychological test. – purna passed all subjects (in a university). 4 vanished, disappeared, gone. 5 permeable. – jarum, – kelindan where one sheep goes follows another. sudah – maka hendak melantai (M) to lock the barn door after the horse is stolen. – tidak berselam, hilang tidak bercari to be in trouble but nobody wants to help. selulus (ob) always; often.



luar biasa, terima kasih!


Sama-sama! I think it is the best Indonesian dictionary available. Another good alternative is Tuttle.


From what Duolingo had before, this translates to: "She graduated then she graduation." That does not make sense! Glad Aiden212598 directed us to a proper dictionary!

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