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  5. "Do you have a skirt, Rania?"

"Do you have a skirt, Rania?"

Translation:هَل عِنْدِك تَنّورة يا رانْيا؟

August 23, 2019



Based on its orthography (تَنّورة) I expected to hear something like "taNNuura", but instead of it whenever I find it in a sentence, I always hear "taNINuura". Could someone be as kind as to tell me, why? (And which one is the correct pronunciation?) Thanks in advance

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Your expectation is right, and the audio is wrong.

Many people commented on this word before and supposedly reported it wrong but Duolingo didn't fix it yet (and probably won't).


Thank you for your kind answer. Unfortunately I didn't receive any notification when you answered my question, only today when Adam335212 added a new comment, that is why I can only say thanks to you only now…:-(

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It's OK. We are all having problems with Duolingo these days :)

Happy learning :)


The same thing I d like to mention had already been said above

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