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Thank You Duolingo!

I have to say, youre language learning website is the best out there. It helps me greatly and I am learning it a lot. Thank You!

August 23, 2019



@Axle26, wow! Another post praising Duolingo! The community here never ceases to impress me. :-) Though I am happy you decided to post this, it wasn't the best decision to place the post in 'Educators.' Maybe you could move it to 'Duolingo?' I think that would fit better.

Again, thanks for posting this! Every appreciative post towards DL, no matter how many, is great. 고마워! Love from Korea!


Please move this from the Educators forum to the Duolingo in English forum. The Educators forum is for teachers, and those using the Duolingo for Schools app. Thanks!

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