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  5. "بِنْت أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة"

"بِنْت أَمْريكِيّة ذَكِيّة"

Translation:a smart American girl

August 23, 2019



Its also can be "An American smart girl" right?


It's not right within English language. There's a rule about arranging adjectives according to their 'category'.


What is the ton sound before smart?

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This is called tanwin or nunation. Long story short, it is a type of vowels in Arabic (and I don't know why Duolingo is not putting the marks here).

Tanwin can come in 3 flavors: -un, -an and -in depending on the status of the word (nominative, accusative, ...etc) when the word is indefinite. Thus, you can somehow think of it as being a marker for the indefinite noun (like a/an in English somehow) - though this is just a short explanation.

The sign for -un Tanwin is:


or maybe some books (specially for children) would write it as:


Thus, the vowel you've heard before smart is actually the end of the adjective before it (amríkiyatun) - American (f.adj.).


Bint is daughter right? Or just any girl?

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Originally, in Arabic, Bint is (daughter of), and used in names (some countries still use this system), like X bint Y meaning X daughter of Y. There is some orthographic story here but I don't want to complicate it.
On the other hand, ابنة (ibnah) is daughter (the feminine of ابن ibn, son).

On the other hand, girl in Arabic is فتاة (fatáh) or (fatát). And there are a number of words in classical Arabic to note a girl, but the basic word is this one.

Here on Duolingo, they are using a dialect mixed with the standard or classical, making some sort of "traveler's Arabic" - so they are using "bint" here for daughter and girl.


Why does it sound am"e"rika. The sukun ْ should tell: no vocal...

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To me here it sounds indeed as am-ree-ki-yatun. The sukun is on "M" and it is indeed without a vowel.


what use are these nationality sentences let alone use of the word smart

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