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"Hubungan ini diyakini akan membuat ibunya bahagia."

Translation:This relationship is believed to make his mother happy.

August 23, 2019



A word of caution when using "Hubung" = "connect", I had an awkward moment once when I meant to say to a female colleague "Let's connect later" which is perfectly fine in English but in Indonesian the active transitive verb form of meng+"hubung" can commonly refer to sex. Note it can also mean connect but people don't really say "Let's connect later" in a business context.


I've been to Indonesia twice and have seen it used like "hubungi xxxx kalau ingin informasi lebih dalam". I feel like it's a word where you really need to be native (or super experienced) to properly understand the range of the words varying meaning based on context.


So the 'akan' serves no purpose in this sentence?


'akan' indicates future tense


So the translation implicitly means 'This relationship is believed to make his mother happy (in the future).' ?



akan membuat = will make

"will make" doesn't fit well in the English sentence.


What about "It is believed that this relationship will make his mother happy."? Otherwise, there is no future setting in the English sentence, and it is impossible to reverse-translate.

Another less graceful but closer translation: "This relationship is believed that it will make his mother happy." Very awkward, but grammatically correct. Yet not accepted.


"This relationship it is believed will make his mother happy."


That is incorrect - you need to get rid of “it”. The way you have it currently, there are two objects (“it” and “this relationship”) that aren’t separated by any conjunctions so it is just grammatically wrong.


No "it". This relationship is believed will make his mother happy.

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