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"E paʻa ka waha, nānā ka maka, hoʻolohe ka pepeiao."

Translation:Be quiet, look, listen.

August 24, 2019



Can someone explain the insertion of the anatomical references? I responded to another similar question and added the body parts and was counted wrong, that's why I'm asking. Also, why is "watch" wrong and only "look" correct?


Could one just say "E ho'olohe 'oe?"


Shut mouth, eyes look, ears listen.


Is there a difference between "Look" and "Watch?"


in some cases yes. In this case, I would agree with you that "watch" should be accepted just based on the context.


Wondering all the same things


I see an inconsistency here. When I translate some items into natural English, I get dinged for not following the syntax of 'olelo. But in this case, I wrote "Shut the mouth, look with the eyes, listen with the ears." This follows the 'olelo words in the prompt (with the exception of my using "with."


When you encounter cases like that (where idiomatic translations are marked wrong), report them as "My answer should be accepted." Each sentence might have hundreds of acceptable translations, and they need to be added to the database.


Second comment. This time I was dinged for using "watch" rather than "look."


Earlier question: E ho'olohe ka pepeiao = Listen well.
But for this question, I put: Be quiet, look, listen well........and it was marked wrong. Hmmm....

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