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Arabic course feedback

No clue if that is the right channel here. I love that Arabic is available on beta now! It is so much fun to learn the writing! :) It would be nice to have the translation of the words as well. Checking out the meaning in an extra dictionary every time is tiring and costs so much time. But thanks so much for all this! So happy to have a fun app like that to learn or practice languages. :D

August 24, 2019



You can download Fahm Arabic Pop-up Dictionary extension for any Chromium based browser. You just need to hover over the words and they'll give you instant translation and also the root of the word.



I think it would also be very helpful to add a function on spelling the word. selecting a word and placing it is all well and good but part of reading is spelling. I can recognize the word after I read it but selecting letters would help engrain that process so much faster

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