Any completionists?

I need friends for the achievement! I don't know what other functions you can do with friends but it's always nice learning together.

Also I see not many people are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia and that makes me feel a little lonely.. so add me or let me know and I will add you!

August 24, 2019


I think lots of people learn Indonesian. It is my favourite language so far, it is easy and fun.

August 24, 2019

[deactivated user]

    It was fun until they insisted that one must write "I am prettier than her" instead of "I am prettier than she." After eleven months of discussion they simply cannot figure out that both are acceptable English. I am out. I only participate where language diversity is respected. Arrogance is not acceptable.

    August 26, 2019

    They aren’t both acceptable. The second is wrong.

    August 31, 2019

    [deactivated user]

      I am looking for an alternative place to learn Indonesian, because I have zero tolerance for people who tell me my English is wrong, when they obviously do not have a clue. Well, actually, after eleven months of discussion about the matter of "than her" and "than she" it must be pretty obvious by now that both are acceptable English. Just too arrogant and stubborn to accept both. That kind of behavior is not my cup of tea. The person responsible for the Indonesian course is incompetent in English.

      August 26, 2019

      It sounds like you are the stubborn one haha. "Than she" is correct but it is a very old fashioned way of speaking. I have never heard it used in normal conversation so I'd agree with Duolingo that it's best to use "than her".

      August 27, 2019

      While I'm inclined to agree that "the banana sleeps / pisang itu tidur" is a ridiculous phrase - it is fun. Some of the English is a bit messed up and the the Bahasa Inggris course is even more messed up (I do both) - I believe it is because it is USA'n and not English.

      I have also a language course that was free to download, which is very comprehensive and breaks it down. I have my future wife, who helps me understand as I help her understand REAL English and not USA'n and all its subtle nuances. I watch Indonesian TV and try to find Indonesian games (they are all rubbish - don't bother - they suck at making games). Since there are no games for Indonesian language - I will use sites that give me Indonesian subtitles and watch them. I have podcasts and Indonesian radio that I will listen to (their music is kinda... not my taste, but it's a different culture). I have Al Koran and this is a Rosetta Stone between the languages. I accept the culture and understand - from the mistakes that Indonesians make in English, the reasons why as I learn more about the language and its syntax and other nuances.

      For this, duolingo is good. My gf and I will have competitions to dominate the leaderboard and then have conversations where I speak Indonesian and she corrects, while she speaks English and I correct. Then she will not let me be number one on the list, so tries to dominate my by 1 xp point :P

      Ignorance is the path to enlightenment and bliss. It is simple - do not involve yourself in the discussions and focus on the language acquisition / lessons and have fun with the idiocy that appears.

      If it is not fun, then it is difficult to learn. My gf will show me her lesson (it's USA'n not English) and it says, "I am not wearing any pants" so I will say to her, "wow, kirimkan aku foto!" and it's fun. It will eventually end up with a bunch of flirting and then, "kamu ingin menghisap pisangku?" "IYA DONG!!!" and it's funny, because duo is so dumb sometimes.

      We will joke about the stupid pedants who detract from their learning by arguing over semantics and whether it's him and I or he and she and whatever - it's not helping them learn. Accept that it's whatever you believe and know that it means this, but also this and this and this and you're done. No need to be so inflexible - these people I have noticed tend to learn many languages at once and do not get far in any of them.

      The best place to learn Indonesian is Java. Total Immersion.

      I am very lucky to have the resources I do.

      Having participated in the beta for Indonesian and given feedback, some of which was implemented - I can say that there is no incompetence and that if you wish to learn the language, also do Bahasa Inggris from Indonesian - take both courses. I have started to do this and it has rocketed my learning.

      Screw others - think of yourself. If the course doesn't accept it and you know it's correct (happens a lot to me, verified by native speaker on both sides) then speak duolingo and tell it what it wants to hear - it is "correct", even if it is not "fluent".

      I just like being able to talk to the kid: (psst, hey... aku lupa... kami memiliki cokelat dari Inggris yang saya bawa! Kamu mau..? IYA DONG!!! Yeah, I thought you would like it, don't forget to brush your teeth - doktor gigi mahal. Gadis yang baik, bagus sekali. Ayolah... ayo jalan-jalan. Burn off that sugar.)

      It's great.

      I'm selfish and I would encourage this in others, when it comes to this resource.

      Forums and discussion off-topic is pointless - questions and answers are not. But, some people find it fun. So whatever. I'm now able to almost hold a conversation with a 7 year old. That's all I care about.

      // Aku lupa: <--- here you go. Find out for yourself how to find other ways to learn. Seek answers, not question.

      September 4, 2019
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